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It was your dream that made me, God.

You called my soul to life as I swam,

fluttering gills and twitching tail,

recapitulating the phylogeny

of the ancients,

naked in my mother’s womb.


My DNA spirals in your thought,

a twining universe of suns.

When I sleep I dream of you,

grasping tangles of raw force

that throb and pulse,

live energy that gathers thunder

in the palms of your hands.

I hear you scream, “To Life!”

as your face incandesces

the radiance of a million suns,

and you hurl nascent galaxies

out beyond the swirls of yearning

that grip the Milky Way.


Then the darkness of the cave

replies, “To Death!” a blessing on

the gentle peace to come.

Your dark and your light

are both the yin and the yang

of my soul’s complex desire.

Comforted, I sleep.

Then I wake to find you there,

sitting on my pillow.


When morning comes

and dream gives way

to thought, wrought solid,

but leaving in its granite wake,

a cheerful crack of whimsy.

From such splits in ancient truth,

spring-fed streams of fancy

feed the flow of thoughts at play,

a Holy Spirit prattling

even to the dreams of day.


See now, as morning dawns,

and shadows flee.

The imagined lover comes

to kiss and touch and play.

I see in him God’s own incarnate lust

for all I am and ever hope to be.

Come man of brawn and beauty,

burbling blood, and bone.

I want you.  Take me.  Know me.

Join me in my paean to ecstasy.

Impale my hot embrace

as worlds implode

and galaxies are born

to spiral, gasp and die.

We scintillate in laughing arcs

of love and light and joy,

while time implodes,

and all that was and is

and may ever yet become,

thread the needle eye of Now.


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